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"Gates" Project







The "Gates" Project is basically the raid located in ferris. The nearest teleport is "Tungar Camp", located in Ferris.

The costumes displayed here originate from level 65 patch.

They are dropped by following bosses:

Toros drops number 2.

Aught drops number 1.

Negus Jeeg drop number 4.

Locus drops numbers 3 & 5.

Ancient Mound


Ancient Mound drops these costumes from the chests being dropped by the bosses in the raid.

Which costume you get from which chest is completely random.

The chests are being dropped by the last 3 bosses.

Astral Box


These costumes are dropped from chests that you can find randomly in astral.

All bosses in normal astral can drop these chests.

If you are a class corresponding to the chest of which you don't have the costume yet, then it will prioritize to give you that costume.

Astral Emanations


Astral Emanations is better known as Anomalous Sector.

The emanations is the currency you get from this event.

With that curreny you can buy this costume from the NPC's (League: Nastassja Ushkuynikova | Empire: Marat Lisitsin) 
located in the hangar or in Astral Academy.

Battle for Dane


Winter Palace

Battle of Gods



Winter Palace is located in Silver Valley, Dane.

Only the last 2 bosses (Hardmode) drop the costumes so there's no need to do the 1st 2 bosses on hardmode.
The 3rd boss (Minotaur) drops number 2.

The final boss drops number 1.



Battle of Gods is located in Frontier, Dane.

number 3 is being dropped by the 3rd boss (Dragon) on Hardmode.

The final boss drops number 4, also on hardmode.

Dead City


Dead City is home to the level 51 patch.

The costumes from the chests are also class-prioritized.
This means that if you are a warrior, you 1st will get the warrior costume out of the chest. Only by having the costume already of the class you are when opening, you will get one of the others randomly.

The chest is only dropped by the final boss in the draconid gate, the dragon boss.

This is the only raid that only gives 1 costume chest in the game.

Demons' City


Demons' City, also known as GT (Gorluxor's Tower), was the very 1st raid ever to be in Allods Online, Dating all the way back to lv40.

The costumes here are class prioritized until you already have both color versions of the class you are when opening the chest, then you will get a random costume out of the chests.

Only the last 3 bosses drop a chest. These bosses are Kazul, Gorluxor and Sarn.

The bard costume has no 2nd color version because this class was added later to the game, but they still added a new costume to the collection of this raid.







Eclipse is a raid dating back to the level 60 patch, and is impressive as it happens on an astral ship as big as a whale!

The costumes are chest bound, not class. And are dropped by certain bosses only.

Number 1 is being dropped by the final boss, Nihaz.

Number 2 is being dropped by the captain in his mech at the upper deck.

Number 3 drops from the reactor in the cargo room.

Number 4 drops from the boss that comes after the 2 dragons at the upper deck.






The Observatory is an interesting raid as it is used to combine different raids together over several patches (so far 8.0, 8.2, 9.0 & 9.1).

Number 1 is being dropped from the raid with Euralia as final boss. This raid includes:

Clockwork Knight [Eclipse], Nihal [Tep's Pyramid], Brainium[Ancient Mound], Euralia [Observatory].

Number 2 & 3 are being dropped from the raid with Cairage as final boss. This raid has:

Ath-zak [Dead City], Dragon [Dead City], Armando [Gorluxor's Tower], Cairage [Observatory]

Secret Path's


Secret Paths is the raid that came on lv75 patch, along with the new race, aoidos.

Unfortunately this is the only raid that gives only one costume, wings.

Only the final boss, Kyrios, drops them on Hardmode.

No other bosses, hardmode or normal, drop anything.

Tep's Pyramid


Teps' Pyramid was the raid that came to exist in level 55 patch.

Existing out of 4 bosses, only the last 2 bosses drop a costume chest.

Also these chests are class prioritized, that means you will get the costume that belongs to your class on the moment you open the chest, if you don't have the costume yet. If you already do have it, you will get a random one out of all the others.

Wild Shore


I know nothing about this ._. Feel free to mail me info!

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