Levelling astral!

The fastest but not the best way is levelling astral.
You can do this from lv23 to 75, Divided by two different kinds to influence the difficulty level.

Level 23 - 50 astral & Level 51 - 75 astral

This astral is easy and efficient, one player can rush these astrals fast enough to clear every single allod in the 5 minute mark so that you're guaranteed to level as fast as the game allows you.
Bare in mind that you're in a group so everyone needs to work together to the same purpose or else even one person might slow down the whole thing for the whole party.

In order to enter:
You NEED 6 players in your party, having the following aspects of LEVEL/RANK 3;

Player 1: Aspect of Defender

Player 2: Aspect of Healing

Player 3: Aspect of Suppression/Aspect of Assault/Aspect of Support

Player 4: Aspect of Suppression/Aspect of Assault/Aspect of Support

Player 5: Aspect of Suppression/Aspect of Assault/Aspect of Support

Player 6: Aspect of Suppression/Aspect of Assault/Aspect of Support

Possible bugs:
Sometimes the que-up visual might not appear for someone so that not everyone can press the accept button, meaning you need to wait out the 30s que-up so you can request the que-up screen again.
Remaking the party in order to reque faster again won't have any changes and you'll still need to wait out the 30s.

Some tips before starting:

If you are the leecher;

  • Don't waste time opening loot inside, just loot and get out of the astral (leave button) and wait for the invite again.

  • Don't try to be faster or better than the carrier, just chill on the teleport porters to teleport between the bosses (once they are dead) and teleport to the bosses once the carrier has left the dungeon or when the legendary loot appears in the chat. This way the carrier won't have problems with being dismounted or class resources when combat kicks in.

  • If you are specced for support as Bard or Engineer, then you could try to buff the carrier and speed him up that way. But don't do anything different or unexpected unless the carrier asks you to.

If you are the carrier:

  • Focus on the bosses, don't waste time on clearing trash mobs that are not in your way.

  • Try flashing, flying, going around trash packs so you can aoe the trash down when you pull the bosses. That way you win a lot of time.

  • Use your best mount. Wraith is good for skipping packs, same for hoverboard/lightning bolt but the flashing is way shorter, but it's still doable to skip mobs that way.

  • Be nice to your leechers, thanks to them you can enter and get the loot/exp you need.

If you are a reincarnation;

  • Don't go in with the reincarnation debuff, you don't need it and you'd only lower your dps output = slowing down the team.

  • Only use the exp tokens after hoarding them til the party breaks up or when the waiting timer is still up after you have left the allod. You can't use the exp symbols if your reincarnation buff is not on so you will not lose any exp from the tokens by accidentally using them.

General tips & Reminders:

  • Make use of the GroupManager addon so you can invite the whole party again by a single click, making the inviting a lot faster.

  • Don't waste more time inside than you have to. Just loot and get out. Don't open loot inside, don't check for better gear inside.

  • Don't afk right before finishing an allod.

Solo Astral: Time void


Time void is a skirmish you can go to on your own to powerlevel yourself.

There's 2 objectives there you can do, kill this, or defend that.

As we are explaining here what the most efficient and fastest method is for levelling, I will explain only what's worth doing.

Bulwark of light is the objective you want to hit.

It exists in protect some clot of light from hordes of mobs coming in so you can tag and claim credit.

You can hire Mercenaries for Time void but I strongly suggest not to because the moment you hire 1, they suck up 50% of your exp!


All you should do basically is spam the button to get the Bulwark of light objective, go there, and let the guarding npc's there already kill the mobs for you. All you should do is tagging them so you get the full credit worth of exp and you're well on your way to get maxed in a day!


Tips worth noting;

If the time void you have joined ranges between levels 36 - 40, and youmanage to level up to 41 in that current session, then you should leave and sign up for the next level range of time void. Otherwise you will receive 75% less exp than you'd usually get.


Questing, the not fastest way but the best way for sure. Thanks to the World Mystery quest chains, the amazing ruby rewards and new world mystery skills you get. Questing is a must in Allods and you'll just have to do it to get all the advantages at endgame.

How to quest in the most efficient way?

Skip all the non-important quests, these are the ones with the grey colored, these look like this:


You can also skip all the Unimportant Group and Raid quests like these:











Same goes for the repeatable quests like these:










Now you know what you can/should skip, what actually can you do? Well basically just these quests are the ones that you need:
Important quests, blue is for groups, yellow is for single, orange is for raids:

World Mystery quests:




Raid quests:


For the curious players of you, "why?"
Well because these quests give the chain quests that lead to world mystery skills, racial skills, the ressurection skill, extra rubies, etc.
All the other ones are pure for extra exp and temporary "good" gear that you replace in ~5mins anyway because of mob drops/quest rewards.

If you ever get short on exp, try to tag along some levelling astral or grind some repeatable quests if there are none because you're questing at 04.00 in the morning where EU is all asleep.
Or catch up on some NonImportant quests, you'll see what works best for you.

Marks of Fates
It's adviseable to save the Marks of Fate you get for the quests that require you to kill or gather x/20 things. This will save you lots of time in the long run! Especially for those antropologist quests.

What are Marks of Fate?
Marks of Fate is a currency you get when receiving exp in ANY way.
This currency is used to instantly complete quests like descripted above in order to save time.
There is no limit to how many you can get and you get exactly as much as exp you get. Confused?
An example:
You kill a mob, you get 50 exp, you also get 50 Marks of Fate.
You hand in a quest, you get 5k exp, you also get 5k Marks of Fate - even if that quest is instantly completed with marks!
Not all quests can be sped up this way. The ones that can be will be indicated with this icon:

Using the AutoQuest addon speeds up on top aswell! It automatically takes the quests, autocompletes them if possible, and hands them in at the npc's all in less than a second. saves you 10 clicks less!

You can get bonus exp that speeds up the levelling in several ways;

Levelling guild:
there is 20% bonus exp that some guilds offer because of the way that guildleader took the guildrubies.

There is also the 50% exp bonus you can get as reincarnation because your main is in an order that has that day the 50% exp buff.

Cash Shop:
You can also get the bonus exp scolls from the boutique via CS(Cash Shop) or via the AH/player trading.

Lucky Moments:
And then there is also the ancient Lucky Moments that would surprise you with some awesome weekend/week exp boosts like 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300% that rarely happen :(

Worth mentioning is that the subscription server - Smuggler's Paradise - has a permanent 33% bonus exp compared to the f2p servers New Frontier.

Finally to close this topic off, here's a chart I made because i was curious wether or not the 20% exp boost from the levelling rubies are worth it.
So i started registering the total exp required for levelling up on every level.
Further on I wanted to improve the excel file sheet and decided to bring some more view into it by showing different guild entry levels so you could determine wether it's worth it at which level you'd join a levelling guild and how much exp/time you could benefit of it.

Bare in mind that levelling also brings a lot of guild exp along (prestige) and that levelling in a levelling guild might help you temporarily on levelling (speedwise), but the guild exp given to an external guild is forever a loss on longterm to guilds you'd play in.

Any additional ideas regarding this information or thread is welcome and hopefully we can expand this information slowly so it might benefit even more people!

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