The astral

Astral ships are if not, the most unique aspect about the game. Huge machines you use to fly around like futuristic ships, to conquer and explore the astral. The astral is something like space, but then in the Allods universe.

There are tons of activities you can do in the astral on your astral ship.

We'll cover them all here, but to name a few, there is Monster Den, Trade Route, Demon killing, Ship PvP, Ship Escorting, Invading astral isles, Destroying enemy turrets, etc.

They are a good income of gold too. And next to gold, there are specific vendors that offer vanity, alternative currencies, mounts and upgrades.

The main hub for players to gather and prepare before going to the astral could be the Astral Hangar, but mostly it's now the Astral Academy. It's a lot more spacious, offers more vendors, looks better. It just feels like a hub.

The Astral Academy

There are loads of things you can do and find in the Astral Academy.

Starting with some vendors, there is the Demon Hunter which might be the most important NPC.

You can see on the right what she has to offer.

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