Symbol of blood is a currency that started appearing ingame on 9th of April 2019.

Players started receiving these when they opened Prophetic Cards and received costumes/vanity they already owned.

In the f2p universe, players would receive gold instead as some sort of compensation for getting something they already have.

In the p2p universe, players would get the Symbol of bloods.

With these, players can buy really cool costumes that used to be only accesible by players that were top ranked in 3x3/6x6 ranked pvp combats in the f2p universe.



What's in the store?

In the store are mostly awesome ranked pvp sets that you can buy.

The Collector's Cloak is an old cape that used to be rewarded to players for winning a PMD (Pimp My Build) event.

The Strongbox with a Holy Weapon is a random permanent weapon skin.

The Excellent Tools are the same tools as you can craft with your profession/tools that you acquired by opening Prophetic Cards.

Experimental Replicators are the highest quality replicators in the game. Multiplying your loot by 4.

The Imbued Dragon Hide Backpack is a 60 slots bag.

The Deposit Box - 144 slots is a bank that offers 144 slots storage space.

60 slots bag

Collector's Cloak

Deposit Box

Merciful Executioner's Cape

Victory's Herald

Death's Herald

Merciful Executioner's Set

Merciful Executioner's Set

Night's Herald

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